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Your website sucks. But then, you knew that.

GoPati.com Is this you? You know it’s important to have an online presence, and you REALLY want a website. You have no web design skills, but have heard there are plenty of ‘do-it-yourself’ sites that will give you the power of the most skilled web creators, right? So you spend at least one full week putting together your masterpiece and then you click … and …  ‘go live!!’ – only to realize your site really sucks.

It’s an amateur attempt to convey your business of which you are very proud. But you resolve that this is the best you are going to get because web designers are too expensive and out of reach for you, so that’s that! Wrong. So many of my web clients come to me when the damage is done: their website is up and running but nothing is happening. Some even just build it and hope “they will come”, with no clue how to put it all together.

Web sites are just a piece of the online puzzle that needs to be put together to create interest and attention to you, and your business. Think of a game of dominoes: you start with the first die, then place a complimentary piece to fit in with the first, and then another, and then another. This continues until you have all the dice in place and you are satisified you’ve done all you can to use the right ones in the right places. This is what is needed when you start to build your online presence. Driving an audience to your web pages takes more than just having a great looking site. But having one that is professional and easy to navigate is a start.

You might be surprised at what you can get from a great web designer. I, myself, will not stop with a site build. I bring in the social media strategies and show my clients how to incorporate their web site with their ‘friends’, business ‘links’ and email lists.

As I build my new blog, and redesign my company, I invite you to come along with me, as I will share many of the techniques and tips to use as you build your business, too. Join my mailing list – I don’t get a great deal of time to ‘do for me’, because I’m really all about helping my clients and anyone caught in the social and online maze – so I won’t be bombarding you with emails. BUT . . . . an occasional idea or trick to help my company grow is always a welcome read for me. So, please join me, it’s really a fun ride.

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