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Turn your likes into loves


Convert your Facebook Likes into Loves
Boost your Facebook engagement using 4 types of posts

By Pati Gonsalves

You know you should be utilizing Social Media more for your business, but that is NOT your field of expertise. You assign the daunting task to one of your employees; posting and updating your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, figuring out how to Tweet; and whenever possible, Instagram something fabulous about your business. Problem is, that employee is already at workload capacity and vaguely familiar with all this social media stuff. So how can you be effective when you do reach out and post your latest and greatest news?

Let’s start by keeping it simple and tackle one social beast at a time. How can you boost your Facebook fan page likes and comments?

Sure, you can Google® “How to get more Likes on Facebook” for example; and you will only have to choose from about 300 million options from so-called experts. There you go! Just pick one, right? Hardly.

I help my clients hone their skills with various online medium, and it does take time, and practice. I don’t make promises of infinite followers, or guaranteed success; it’s more about persistence and consistency. And to keep it less burdonsome, I use a basic grade school process of  memory association: Just remember the letter P (for Pati!) and the 4 P’s of building your social media interaction.

1. Photos / Pictures

Posting photos generates more engagement from your fans because pictures are easier to assess; and simple to share. Some tips when posting images:

• Post graphic images that you made yourself. Don’t violate copyright laws.

• Post photos taken from your phone that are engaging, and speak to your fans about your business. Don’t share what you had for dinner unless you are a restaurant.

• Keep the images clean of clutter; don’t overwhelm the photo with text or information that’s difficult to read.


2. Pose a Question

People love to solve riddles, answer trivia, give their ‘two cents’. Asking questions in various forms will generate some interesting engagement:

•  Ask a question that actually interests you, not just some random post is foreign to you or your business. For example, if you are a Realtor and ask “Who is your favorite rock band?”, you might get answers, but that probably won’t help you target your audience. Something like “If you could live anywhere in (your state), where would you choose, and why?” would be more up your alley.

•  Keep the question short. And allow an answer that is equally brief. The question above, for instance, could be answered: “Discovery Bay, because I love the idea of my home on the water.”

• Ask True or False and Yes or No questions

• Post “fill in the blank” statements: “My favorite vacation spot is _____________ “. This can a little off-topic, but be sure you respond, interact with your audience when they reply.


 3. Personalize your post

•  “Liking” someone’s post, or their comment, doesn’t go far enough, especially if your post has generated a great deal of engagement. By simply ‘liking’ a comment, you have delegated that person to the herd of other fans, instead of actually interacting with them. Comment back, or thank them. “Thanks, Mike, for your comment. Great input!” Make it personal, and appreciative.

• Thank your fans when they “like” your page. Every time.

• Acknowledge a recent client, or customer, by name. Remember, their friends and fans will see the tag, and this gets more engagement outside your ‘fan’ base.


4. Prizes! Hold a Contest

Everyone wants to win something. Facebook contests get attention, and all you have to do is ask fans to Like your page or comment to enter:

• Offer prizes that are related to your business. You don’t have to spend money for a trip, or iPad!

• Follow through with an winner! Make sure you award the prize and announce it!

• Keep the contest time short, maybe a week or two at most.

If you can remember these simple 4 P’s – you will be off to a great start to increase your Facebook interaction and engagement. Be consistent with your posts, and mix it up. Post photos one week, a contest the next, and always be personal with your fans. Thank them, acknowledge them and engage with them! You will see an increase in your Facebook activity and be ready to move on to your next Social Media challenge. Ready to tweet?




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