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Preparing our teens for the work force: it’s up to us


Tanner Jorgensen, Administrative Assistant Intern

First, we have an announcement: the team at GoPati Media and Marketing is excited to welcome our new Administrative Assistant intern, Tanner Jorgensen. He is the second ‘student’ to come on board as part of our ‘Learning the Ropes’ Intern program.

Through our intern program, students get hands-on experience and are taught the importance of business ethics and professionalism, while gaining invaluable skills to carry forward in their careers. In a recent article by Quartz Media, teen employment has been declining for the past 15 years, with students attending more year-round schooling, leaving little time to work, even part-time. By the time these teens finish schooling, or can time-manage any type of part-time work, they have no job-related experience. They enter the workforce and are blindsided by the expectations and responsibilities associated with a job. We’ve seen it first hand. Young adults are clueless when it comes to work ethics.

There is also pressure to have a college degree if young adults want any type of job, and, according to Christopher L. Smith, an economist at the Federal Reserve, an influx of lower-education foreign workers have significantly reduced jobs traditionally filled by high-school students  He found that a 10% increase in the number of immigrants reduced the number of teens with jobs by 2.5%.  But this isn’t why our teens aren’t working —they just don’t want to work.

Our youth is being asked to choose between entering the workforce and education. Schooling is the obvious choice. It’s familiar, they are comfortable with it, and we, as parents are encouraging their continued education “to get a good job”. We offer both. Our program works around our student’s school schedules, enables a work-at-home environment – much less stressful than a first-job workplace, with accountability through productivity. We pay our interns to learn while being an asset to our company. Tanner works a few hours each week, with a set schedule. Conference calls and monthly meetings are part of the program. Time cards and accountability are included, and we encourage input and ideas. We get the benefit of the technological knowledge and skills of our younger generation and they get a resume-building opportunity early on. It’s a win, win.

One of the many online services GoPati provides is social media strategies, an integral element to online marketing campaigns. Tanner will be learning this process, as well as the value; getting trained to compose and schedule GoPati posts for all our social media platforms. Tanner is also assigned to the WordPress training program, as well as scheduling and optimizing the GoPati social media graphics, photos and posts and updating and maintaining the GoPati website’s Portfolio page. He is ‘learning the ropes’ from Chris Lucido, our Administrative Technician and Lead Generation Specialist. Chris started at GoPati two years ago, as a high school junior, and is currently attending college. His job here helps to offset much of his college expenses.

Tanner is currently a high school junior, carrying a 3.9 GPA and we are thrilled that he chose our firm for his first employment. Tanner is already a great asset tour company, and to all our amazing clients.  Keep an eye out for GoPati’s social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to see what an asset Tanner is to our firm. Tanner resides in the Sacramento area, is an avid La Crosse player and loves to golf.  Please join us in welcoming him to the wonderful world of business!


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