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Pati’s Peeves – Oh say, can you see? Maybe not for long.


California NAACP says the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ needs to be replaced. They claim it is racist. There is a resolution that the NAACP will begin pushing this coming January. Another is in support of Colin Kaepernick, “who began this recent debate by kneeling during the national anthem before football games.”

California Hawaii NAACP President Alice Huffman said, “I’m embarrassed that I have participated in supporting this song since a child. It was negative toward me and my race!”
http://abc30.com/politics/naacp-voices-support-for-colin-kaepernick-plans-push-to-remove-the-star-spangled-banner-as-the-national-anthem/2619073/ . Embarrassed?  You should be, but not for singing the anthem.

I thought that taking the knee was to bring awareness to police brutality. No wait – Racial injustice. No wait – it was anti-Trump. No wait – It was about white supremacy. No wait – it’s about the racist lyrics of the National Anthem.

There is also an amendment to the proposed GOP tax cut plan, put forth by Democrats to keep the Historical Tax Credit “because we want to retain our country’s rich and diverse history.” WHAT? Yet, they are tearing down and removing historic statues and monuments throughout our states.

If preserving our history is so vital, then perhaps doing some homework on WHY we sing the National Anthem at sporting events should be researched. It’s not about racism. It’s not about the flag. It has to do with World War 1, and the more than 100,000 U.S. soldiers that died.  The tradition to sing the anthem didn’t take hold until after the 1918 World Series, and it wasn’t officially ‘the national anthem’ until 1939. It was, however, the anthem for the U.S. Army and Navy.

After the war, NFL Commissioner Elmer Layden called for all of the league’s teams to play “The Star-Spangled Banner” at their games, arguing, “The National Anthem should be as much a part of every game as the kick-off. We must not drop it simply because the war is over. We should never forget what it stands for.” Seems we have done just that.

Our energies should be spent on moving forward, creating a better place for our children, teaching them values and strength, and the advantages of being thick-skinned – ‘sticks and stones’.  We can’t erase the past, but we can create a better future.


*Opinions of this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect or are publicly endorsed by GoPati Media and Marketing. Who are we kidding? Of course they do!

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