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New site integrates wordpress for social media tips


How difficult is it to integrate a WordPress blog into a website? Ridiculous!

I design and build websites. I have a passion for it, and it is oftentimes challenging. So when I decided to buld my own custom site, and integrate a WordPress blog (this page is it!), I wanted it to blend in, and look exactly like my website, not a link to an outside source.

This was by far the most difficult challenge I have encountered in website development. I can tell you there are not many resources nor people with information on how to do this, and I now know why.

I have hardly tackled this beast, and there are many kinks to work out, but it is at least connected, linked and appears to be a part of my site. Will I do it again? Doubtful. But the education received from this recent expedition is invaluable, and should anyone want to do something similar, on a slightly less customized level; yes, I will consider it.

And so here we go, the new weblog for GoPati.com. And yes, the little div comment below is one of those “kinks”. Sigh…

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