Posted: Friday, May 2, 2014 8:45 am

Anita Sparks of Discovery Bay Accounting
Anita Sparks of Discovery Bay Accounting

Remember that really smart girl in your math class? Neither do I. For me, the boys always seemed to excel with numbers and calculations while the female population showed more creativity in language arts. But there are always exceptions, and you can bet Anita Sparks was one of them.

Sparks is owner of Discovery Bay Accounting, a full-service certified QuickBooks Pro advisory bookkeeping and accounting firm. In a community abundant with small and home-based businesses, Sparks found her niche.

Sparks, boasting a full career of accounting-related jobs, says she never thought about doing anything else: “I’ve always loved doing this. I started out doing the books mainly for construction companies and then started branching out.”

Discovery Bay Accounting was launched in 2000, and Sparks has built long-term business relationships with her many clients. Her focus is to keep her client’s accounting records updated and review financial statements. “If you don’t know where you’ve been, how do you know where you are going?” she said.

Following her free initial consultation, Sparks will determine what a company’s accounting needs are. She will assess the current books. Are they already streamlined with revenue and expenses clearly defined? Or like many, are all the records sitting in a box, waiting to be sorted through? Sparks likes to start by getting everything organized and does so quickly. 

 “Small businesses need to focus on the needs of their business and not worry about the accounting side of things,” she said. “I come in and get their books organized and give them peace of mind knowing their books are reliable.”

Based on her assessment, Sparks will suggest weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annual services. Dependent on the needs of each client, she will come to the place of business or handle the bookkeeping from her home office. She says her rates are “mid-road,” but once the books are set up and organized, her time spent is greatly reduced, keeping her pricing well within her clients’ budgets.

Business has been good for Sparks, and she attributes much of her success to her Discovery Bay Chamber membership: “I highly recommend being involved in the Chamber. It’s a great opportunity to meet other business people, and it’s a great networking experience. My business is based on relationships, and the contacts I’ve made through the Chamber have increased my customer base.” 

Discovery Bay Accounting provides services to a variety of industries, including construction, hospitals, real estate, property management, marinas, technology and chambers of commerce. Sparks is the bookkeeper for the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to her regular bookkeeping services, Sparks will prepare the records to be sent to a tax preparer, and Discovery Bay Accounting will act as an intermediary, if necessary. “My experience is one thing,” said Sparks, “but I practice continued education of QuickBooks, knowing and understanding every module, so I can be sure to best represent my clients.” 

Discovery Bay Accounting is available to small businesses (50 employees or less) in Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch and Tracy. For more information, call 925-516-6444 or