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What’s the difference between Facebook Boosts and Facebook Ads?

When asked what I do for work, I say something like “I help businesses get more leads and sales from the internet using online advertising and marketing strategies.” So often the comeback is “Oh, I do Facebook boosts, too!” Then I hear about their expertise in Facebook advertising. At this point I suggest their business should be booming, and they sometimes actually laugh.

Thanks to Facebook’s ‘Boost’ option, Facebook Business Page owners are finding it very easy to spend a few dollars to ‘boost’ their ad, with the misconception that this will cover their Facebook advertising needs. Then they complain that Facebook advertising doesn’t work for them. “I spent $50 with a reach of over 500,000 and I got nothing!”

Boosted Facebook posts are nothing more than typical posts you’ve previously created that have already posted in your Facebook Business Page’s feed. On its own this post would only reach a very small portion of your current audience which could be as little as 1%! Boosting the post ensures a much larger audience sees the post in their news feed. Boosted posts are typically used to achieve audience engagement such as post likes, shares and comments.

Facebook Ads target a very specific demographic and drive targeted traffic to create qualified leads that generate new customers and revenue growth for your business. Facebook ads offer the greatest number of options for advertisers and the type of ad you choose will depend on what the goal of your campaign is. A benefit to running ads over boosted posts is the ability to add an optional ‘call to action’ button promoting actions such as  ‘sign up’, ‘download’ and ‘contact us’ to name a few.

Both methods can benefit your business, but Facebook ads will create more engagement and reach potential customers already interested in, or considering, your products and services. Targeted ad campaigns work best to drive actual business results. Facebook offers guidance around how to create a Facebook ad.

This is an example of a Facebook ad that has been target to boat owners, with a variety of interests and behaviors to better qualify the leads coming in.

Here are the basics of setting up a Facebook ad:

  1. Get a Facebook Ad Manager account.
  2. Choose your objective: Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion
  3. Target your location and audience. Select media and device formats
  4.  Set a budget for your Facebook ad
  5.  Select a Facebook ad format that suits your objective: photo, video, slideshow, etc.
  6. Launch your ad campaign!

If you aren’t sure how to set up your Facebook ad campaign, our team can get your started, or better yet, develop one for you.

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