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  • September 7, 2016/
  • by GoPati
Yes, You Need a Sitemap. Here’s how to do it yourself. There are many steps needed to create a dynamic website and turn those visits into conversions.  A few factors to consider when developing your site: Site speed Site structure Content Social media strategy HTML...
  • February 16, 2015/
  • by GoPati
  By Pati Gonsalves You know you should be utilizing Social Media more for your business, but that is NOT your field of expertise. You assign the daunting task to one of your employees; posting and updating your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, figuring out...
I was raised on Outlook. Old school email. Then the age of mobile and the Cloud arrived, and Gmail landed. I was able to use Gmail with my Outlook email accounts, and easily access everything on my cell phone. Sounds great, but…. I prefer...
  How difficult is it to integrate a WordPress blog into a website? Ridiculous! I design and build websites. I have a passion for it, and it is oftentimes challenging. So when I decided to buld my own custom site, and integrate a WordPress...