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Bigger isn’t always better. Shorten those links, and track them!

Bit.ly is a powerful tool that tracks your links.

The term social media implies a friendly venue to interact ‘socially’ with family, friends, colleagues . . . but for your business, getting your message to the masses requires all the right tools. And there are so many options, right?  You try a few, but have no idea if the post or tweet was actually read, how many hits you hoped you got, and whether the message was powerful enough.

Yes, social media can be hard to track and measure, UNLESS you have the right tools! Bit.ly is one of the most powerful free tracking tools out there. It is a URL shortener (for those still learning, URL means Universal Resource Locator – or in people speak – the web address of a page.) When you want to share a page, like your website, or an ecommerce site that links back to your business, you can use bit.ly to ‘shorten’ the link. When you use bit.ly, it tracks (or counts) the hits to that link. But it also breaks down social media conversation, referral sources, and the location of those that accessed that link.

It’s a very easy tool to use,  once you set up your free account, you can use it to strategically track links. For instance, if you create a bit.ly link to your Facebook post and a different one to your blog post, you can measure which item packed more punch, like Facebook likes or Twitter retweets.

Try it out, and be consistent (the key to any social media success). And be sure to like my Facebook page to get all the latest bit.ly links and GoPati Tool Tips.

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