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Anyone can build their own website

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Or can they?

Almost every business entrepreneur dabbles in creating their first company website. Some do pretty well, but others just don’t want to spend a dime on outsourcing. So they do it themselves’. We had a recent marketing client who decided to upgrade a very outdated site, but still didn’t want to pay the experts. We gave him a quote (extremely generous discount, too!) and he replied:


“Hey, I think I’ll try to make my own website. You guys are out of my price range. Sorry!”

– Ok. Good luck!

(next day)

“Hey, how do I upload pictures?”

– Just emailed the instructions

“Hey, my videos aren’t work. Can you look at it”

-Fixed it. Emailing you what I did in case it happens again.


Check out the entire thread. Click on the image. We really love our clients!

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